Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Core Principle Solutions, LLC™ Announces Strategic Partnership with Center of Excellence Media, LLC® to Deliver High-Quality Medical Education to Global Healthcare Professionals and Patients


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 Core Principle Solutions, LLC™ Announces Strategic Partnership with Center of Excellence Media, LLC® to Deliver High-Quality Medical Education to Global Healthcare Professionals and Patients

BOSTON, MA/JAMESBURG, NJ—Core Principle Solutions, LLC (CPS), a global medical education organization, announced a strategic partnership with Center of Excellence Media, LLC (COE), to extend the reach of COE’s high-quality medical education content to healthcare professionals and patients on the global stage. This partnership will allow CPS to ramp up its educational offerings rather quickly in an on-demand environment.

“Today’s dynamic learning environment demands that global healthcare professionals have access to ongoing professional learning methodologies that are convenient, easy to deploy, and consistent with local market guidelines,” said Pam Rattananont Ferris, Managing Director and CEO of CPS. “The complexities of the global educational landscape and the need to understand select cultural differences present challenges that are quite different from building domestic medical education strategies.”

This new partnership is the first for COE and will serve as a platform from which the company will present additional corporate offerings and medical education programs that will educate healthcare professionals and patients throughout the United States and in targeted global markets.

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to provide our content and, therefore, our current supporters and activities produced to date, a global reach and to add to our proprietary database of existing learners here in the United States and our growing list of ex-U.S. learners. This makes perfect sense for our growing business as we look for ways to continue to educate as many healthcare professionals as possible in the types of formats that they request, including live, enduring print, and digital interactive media,” said Brian F. Tyburski, President and CEO of Center of Excellence Media, LLC.



About Core Principle Solutions, LLC

Core Principle Solutions, LLC (CPS) (www.cps-me.com) is a privately owned global medical education company. We aspire to improve patient care by developing pivotal and contemporary medical education for healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. In order to fulfill this vision, we strive to create clinically applicable and innovative programs tailored for appropriate healthcare audiences by fostering the dialogue and collaboration among all stakeholders including pharma/ biotech, government, patient and public health associations, consumer goods organizations, healthcare practitioners, and patients. Our fundamental and underlying principle is to establish and maintain a deep respect for all individuals and the global community of which we are a part.


About Center of Excellence Media, LLC

Center of Excellence Media, LLC (COE) (www.coexm.com) is approved by the ACCME as a non-commercial interest, nonaccredited provider/joint sponsor of continuing medical education. COE’s mission is to consistently contribute to the improvement of patient outcomes by elevating the knowledge, competency, and performance of healthcare professionals through high-quality, certified, accredited medical education activities. As a nonaccredited joint sponsor, COE collaborates with several accredited provider partners, including universities and nonprofit medical education companies. These partnerships and COE’s strict adherence to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support ensure that all of the educational programs produced by COE are objective, balanced, scientifically rigorous, and free of commercial bias. The philosophy of COE is to engage learners using multiple platforms, such as national, regional, and local conferences and symposia, print supplements and newsletters, and interactive online activities, to increase the overall impact of each activity. Since November 2007, COE has developed and implemented over 200 activities with 10 different accredited providers and over a dozen medical societies/ associations. Through its efforts, COE has delivered over 300 hours of course instruction to more than 210,000 healthcare professionals, with over 20,000 continuing medical education credits issued. The staff of COE are active members in the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education and have been invited to give oral and poster presentations at its annual conferences. In addition, COE has been invited to publish its activity outcomes in a forthcoming issue of CE Measures. As a sign of COE’s educational impact, the average increase in competence for the past three dozen activities is over 30%.


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