Monday, August 15th, 2011

Strategic Partnership between Core Principle Solutions, LLC™ and Center of Excellence Media, LLC® Launches the Global Biomarkers Consortium™


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Strategic Partnership between Core Principle Solutions, LLC and Center of Excellence Media, LLC® Launches the Global Biomarkers Consortium™

BOSTON, MA/JAMESBURG, NJ—Core Principle Solutions, LLC™ (CPS), a global medical education organization, through its strategic partnership with Center of Excellence Media, LLC® (COE), announces the formation and launch of the Global Biomarkers Consortium™ (GBC). Through the GBC, community and world-renowned oncologists will convene in multiple educational forums in order to better understand the clinical application of predictive molecular biomarkers and further personalize care for patients with cancer. With a rapidly expanding pool of predictive molecular biomarkers has ushered in the era of personalized medicine for cancer patients. It is clear that community oncologists and hematologists, oncology nurses, and oncology pharmacists, who make up the multidisciplinary team responsible for the management of patients with cancer, must be knowledgeable regarding existing and emerging biomarkers and which have been shown to be of value in guiding personalized therapy for their patients.

“Personalized cancer treatments are becoming an increasingly more prevalent part of patient care, and more and more biopharmaceutical companies are developing targeted therapies as well as companion diagnostics that will influence future treatment,” said Pam Rattananont Ferris, Managing Director and CEO of CPS.

To fill this void in the marketplace, CPS announces the following strategic activities under the GBC:

Scientific Working Group Meeting – The Global Biomarkers Consortium Working Group will bring together the foremost respected thought leaders in the area of personalized cancer care. The task for the meeting will be to lay a foundation for critical recommendations and guidelines in the area of personalized cancer care. The experts will discuss the current issues and opportunities for this field of medicine. Conclusions drawn from the meeting will be summarized in order to establish an educational framework for community hematologists/oncologists who are in need of learning to better implement personalized care for their patients. The working group will be held in New York, NY, in November 2011.

Annual Conference – Based on the developments and resulting recommendations from the working group meeting, the content for a two-day conference will be developed. The conference will provide the 300 expected attendees. The primary audience for the conference will consist of physicians specializing in hematology/oncology, pathology, and genetics. There will also be multiple opportunities for industry leaders in this field to partner with the GBC at this meeting and showcase their leadership in this field. The conference will be held March 9-11, 2012, in Orlando, FL, and is expected to become the voice in the marketplace for targeted therapies and their accompanying diagnostic companions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 20 Americans is a cancer survivor, which underscores the mounting need to provide oncology healthcare professionals with a reliable source of continuing medical education on a multitude of disease states where clear gaps in knowledge are present.

“This is just the first of many exciting initiatives that we are planning through the Global Biomarkers Consortium in oncology as we look to bring this conversation out to the broader global community,” said Ms. Rattananont Ferris.

“We have been discussing and researching this area with our Advisory Board for many months and are excited to finally announce the GBC and the many initiatives surrounding it. Many of our world-renowned experts have joined our faculty, and we look forward to working with each and every one of them to produce the best meeting possible,” said Brian F. Tyburski, President and CEO of Center of Excellence Media, LLC.


About Core Principle Solutions, LLC

Core Principle Solutions, LLC (CPS) ( is a privately owned global medical education company. We aspire to improve patient care by developing pivotal and contemporary medical education for healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. In order to fulfill this vision, we strive to create clinically applicable and innovative programs tailored for appropriate healthcare audiences by fostering the dialogue and collaboration among all stakeholders, including pharma/biotech, government, patient and public health associations, consumer goods organizations, healthcare practitioners, and patients. Our fundamental and underlying principle is to establish and maintain a deep respect for all individuals and the global community of which we are a part.


About Center of Excellence Media, LLC

Center of Excellence Media, LLC (COE) ( is approved by the ACCME as a non-commercial interest, nonaccredited provider/joint sponsor of continuing medical education. COE’s mission is to consistently contribute to the improvement of patient outcomes by elevating the knowledge, competency, and performance of healthcare professionals through high-quality, certified, accredited medical education activities. As a nonaccredited joint sponsor, COE collaborates with several accredited provider partners, including universities and nonprofit medical education companies. These partnerships and COE’s strict adherence to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support ensure that all of the educational programs produced by COE are objective, balanced, scientifically rigorous, and free of commercial bias. The philosophy of COE is to engage learners using multiple platforms, such as national, regional, and local conferences and symposia, print supplements and newsletters, and interactive online activities, to increase the overall impact of each activity. Since November 2007, COE has developed and implemented over 200 activities with 10 different accredited providers and over a dozen medical societies/ associations. Through its efforts, COE has delivered over 300 hours of course instruction to more than 210,000 healthcare professionals, with over 20,000 continuing medical education credits issued. The staff of COE are active members in the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education and have been invited to give oral and poster presentations at its annual conferences. In addition, COE has been invited to publish its activity outcomes in a forthcoming issue of CE Measures. As a sign of COE’s educational impact, the average increase in competence for the past three dozen activities is over 30%.


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