Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Personalized Medicine in Oncology™: A new journal is launching in May of 2012 to meet the needs of practicing oncologists

Monroe Township, NJ. September 15, 2011—Green Hill Healthcare Communications, LLC, a privately held medical communications firm, announced today the launch of a ground-breaking first-of-its-kind journal, Personalized Medicine in Oncology (PMO),the official publication of the Global Biomarkers Consortium (GBC) in Oncology (

Personalized Medicine In Oncology logoPMO is a peer-reviewed journal serving the informational needs of oncologists related to precision medicine and the next generation of oncologic care. The first issue will be published in May 2012 and distributed at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in Chicago, with six issues planned for 2012, transitioning to a monthly journal in 2013.

“The goal of Personalized Medicine in Oncology is to sensitize practitioners to the performance realities of new diagnostic and treatment discoveries and clarify molecular profiling technology as it relates to diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive medicine,” said Publisher Russell Hennessy.“PMO will feature diagnostic and clinical treatment information concerning these three root aspects of personalized medicine in oncology.”

“Personalized medicine is bringing out success in changing not just prognostic expectations, but actually changing the culture of medicine regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. What’s more, the scale of success is immensely greater than anything we have accomplished in the past 30 or 40 years. I think we are in a position for the advances to be of much greater magnitude than we’ve been able to accomplish,” said PMO Board Member Edith Perez, MD, of the Mayo Clinic.

“It is imperative that the global community of oncologists/hematologists, oncology nurses, and oncology pharmacists understand and be able to incorporate all aspects of personalized medicine into cancer care. This includes the clinical application and prognostic precision of existing and emerging biomarkers that have been shown to be of value in guiding personalized therapy for their patients. As the official publication of the Global Biomarkers Consortium in Oncology, PMO will be the primary vehicle to augment the pivotal and contemporary education that will be presented at the GBC Annual Meeting held on March 9-11, 2012, in Orlando, Florida, as well as all of the educational activities of the GBC in Oncology,” said Pam Rattananont Ferris, Managing Director and CEO of Core Principle Solutions, the primary sponsor of the Global Biomarkers Consortium.

The oncology community has embraced the notion of personalized medicine, but with varying levels of sophistication. At the 2011 World Health Care Congress, a survey of physicians revealed that 98% of them acknowledged that personalized medicine is essential to their practice of medicine, but less than 20% stated satisfaction with their level of personal acumen. The gap between knowledge at the research level and application at the clinical level was stated loud and clear in the Institute of Medicine’s document “To Err Is Human,” which stated that on average it takes 17 years for new findings to become mainstream practice. While the pace of innovation uptake in cancer is faster than in medicine overall, the fact remains that the imperative for personalized medicine is that it be used, and used well, according to guidelines and every means of adoption of best practices.

Personalized Medicine in Oncology will address these issues in the hope of transforming the old model of stratified medicine into a new model ofpersonalized care in which all decisions and practices are tailored to the individual.


Breast Cancer

Edith Perez, MD

Mayo Clinic

Jacksonville, FL

Predictive Modeling

Michael Kattan, PhD

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH


David L. Rimm, MD, PhD

Yale Pathology Tissue Services

Yale University School of Medicine

New Haven, Connecticut

Hematologic Malignancies

Gautam Borthakur, MD

The University of Texas

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas

Lung Cancer

Vincent A. Miller, MD

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Weill Cornell Medical College

New York, New York

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Eunice Kwak, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts

Drug Development

Igor Puzanov, MD

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Nashville, Tennessee


Oliver Sartor, MD

Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana


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